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Since its founding on March 21, 1971, Roghur has grown from a small regional commercial business in Santa Cruz, into a national business corporation with branches, agencies and vendors throughout Bolivia, engaged in almost all stages of distribution and sale of pumps for drinking water, sewage, chemical industry, special fire to the oil industry, Irrigation Pumps, generators for electricity generation from 5 to 2000 kW with gasoline, diesel and natural gas, heavy equipment for construction, pumps and filters for swimming pools, including chemicals for purification, sauna and hydrotherapy equipment, hand and power tools, lawn mower, lawn tractors, chain saws, hydraulic equipment and much more. We have 18,000 products available to customers. During these years Roghur developed and adapted methods to improve the means of import and transport of the products offered, as well as sales systems and how to address and meet customer needs. While growth and innovation in technology Roghur make our products reliable equipment. These include the recognition that a successful business depends primarily on people, ie employees, customers, partners, suppliers and members of the communities in which it operates. Success also comes from other enduring values: the steady progress to improve the quality of products and services offered, a respect for the environment and the determination to ensure that our products do not affect him, a promise to be trustworthy in all our activities, and implementation of major marketing efforts for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. We are truly a Sales Center team of top quality, world-class manufacturers undisputed. As a leader in water pump with a permanent stock of famous brands of USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, etc. To meet our customers have a service technician, with a large maintenance and repair shop to ensure the customer's investment.


We are an importer and marketer of equipment and tools, which bases its action on austerity, discipline, encouragement and respect for the dignity of staff, which provides its customers with high quality advice and excellent service after sales, and the taxpayer economic and social development of the country.


Being a supplier of equipment and tools known for its reliability, high quality products and after sales service, capable of responding to the demands of customers, providing professional advice and excellent service, based on continuous training and motivation of staff to higher profitability.

Value Proposition

We sell equipment and tools, providing a trusting relationship with our customers based on quality, security and variety of our products, providing professional advice, agility in delivery and excellent service.



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